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our party principles

Our parties are acts of love, celebration, movement and affirmation. Over the years they have been everything and contained everything: pop up concerts, cruising spots, acapella ciphers, church, dance offs, raffles, dating spaces, green rooms, sweatboxes, drum circles, head trips, love trains, and soul food. Our parties have also been spaces where people have felt unsafe or unfree. Our community’s feedback over the years has informed our ongoing commitment to seeing the spaces we create as opportunities to build the world we want to exist in.

Since 2011 we have invested time in being trained by community organizations like the NY Anti-Violence Project, the School for Unity and Liberation, and the Center for Nu Leadership. We have also learned tough lessons with venues, contract negotiations and vendors. Through all these experiences, we have grown.

Learning how to genuinely curate spaces that affirm and create resources for people who need support has been such a journey. We are grateful to our collaborators, partygoers with feedback, mentors, partners and friends for riding out with us and helping us party with outrageously fun turned-up-ass-purpose.

We believe in party spaces where all in attendance can feel free from harm.

We commit to having trained staff being physically present throughout all areas of our party spaces throughout the night.

We commit to engaging with venue management, service prior to our parties and share our identity politics, systems of management and conflict resolution work.

We commit to actively checking into exchanges that indicate there may be potential for harm between groups or individuals in any area of the event.

We commit to having space for all bodies and abilities to participate.

We commit to caring for our bodies throughout party process. That includes remaining hydrated, rested and lifted/grounded as we see fit.

We commit to supporting all participants in achieving that crucial balance of enjoyment and self-care.

We commit to reminding white allies that this space was created to center QTPOC communities upon their arrival.

We commit to compensating our artists, DJs, vendors and supporters reflective of what resources we are able to generate.

We commit to remaining open to feedback before, during and after the party.

We commit to hosting events that bring black queer magic to Brooklyn and the Universe.


Join us.