bklyn boihod calendar application

A collaboration with artists, photographers, and models from all over the continent, the bklyn boihood calendar does so much more than keep time. We build confidence through visibility, creating a safe space where bois can be seen, respected, championed and LOVED! Funded entirely by our community, and created with artists and designers who are growing with us, this calendar is as much about our self-love as our power of honest expression.

For the last half a decade we have been intentional about developing a celebratory, and loving photo catalog of black and brown masculinity to shore up the beauty of masculine of center individuals. So much so that we have had impacts nationally and globally.

As the collective members develop and grow, our lives increasingly include families. Positive queer images of families must exist, considering so much of the conversation around LGBTQ rights is in a silo of white nationalism, and not inclusive of how the many dynamics of queer families look. Our families often reflect a different reality.

The complexities of our villages are vast as many of our family members may not identify as queer. The 2017  bklyn boihood calendar will be a reflection of queer families AND the village family that supports us. This is a celebration of black and brown resiliance in the face of great violence, hate, and loss. This is a celebration of melanin living, thriving, standing in pride, and being honored in community. This is a celebration of OUR PEOPLE. A daily reminder that we are worthy of praise, worthy of life, and worthy of freedom. This is an overture to the intergenerational magic of queer black and brown power. This is a stardust collection plate. This is a tribute to the GOLD within us.


“How glorious, this light in us. We are a wonder.” - Laura Mvula.

We hope you will celebrate our magic with us!


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